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The SINGAPORE COACHING EXCELLENCE PROGRAM is the national standard for coaching qualifications. The programme takes care of your educational needs as a coach by providing courses to upgrade your coaching skills.

NCAP consists of two fundamental components:

  • Basic sports science - a series of lectures on the fundamental principles of coaching and Sports Science and is conducted by Sports Singapore appointed lecturers.
  • SCEP Technical - workshops/lectures on sports specific skills, techniques and strategies in coaching as well as coaching attachments organised by the National Sports Associations (NSAs).

Basic sports science and SCEP Technical courses comprise three learning levels. A complete and recognised certification at each level of SCEP is attained only with the completion of both NCAP Theory and NCAP Technical at the relevant levels.  For instance, an SCEP Level 1 coach will have both BASIC SPORTS SCIENCE and SCEP Technical Level 1 certifications.

SCEP is an important first step towards entry into the National Registry of Coaches (NROC).


SRF conducts regular SCEP Inline Level 1 courses.  Course contents as follows:


 1.         Introduction
1.1       About Singapore Rollersports Federation                                              
1.2       SINGAPORE COACHING EXCELLENCE PROGRAM                                   
1.3       Structure Requirements                                                                 
1.4       Assessment Overview                                                                   
 2.         Coaching Theory
2.1       Roles of Coach                                                                               
2.2       Responsibilities of a Coach (NROC & NSYS)                              
2.3       Stimulate Learning                                                                          
2.4       Learner’s Development                                                                
2.5       Fitts and Posner’s Three-stage Model                                         
2.6       Factors of a Demonstration                                                          
 3.         Risk Management Plan                                                                              
3.1       Dealing with Emergency                                                               
3.2       Anti-Doping                                                                                     
 4.         Lesson Plan                                                                                                  
4.1       The Benefits Lesson Plan                                                                
4.2       8 Essentials Lesson Plan Components                                         
 5.         Developmental of Children                                                                      
5.1       Fun in a Class                                                                                   
5.2       Physical Characteristics and Physiology of Children               
5.3       Communication with Children                                                     
5.4       Effective Communication Skills                                                    
5.5       Tips and Tricks on Teaching Kids                                                   
 6.         Progression of Skills                                                                                     
6.1       Analysis of Skills                                                                               
6.2       3 Keys of Skills                                                                                             
6.3       Development of Skills                                                                    
 7.         Practical Skills                                                                                              
7.1       Basic Foundation Skills                                                                   
7.2       3 Keys of Skills                                                                                  
7.3       Breakdown of Basic Skills                             

Requirement overview of SRF SCEP Technical Certification (Inline Level 1)


  • Minimum age of 18 years old
  • Complete SRF NCAP (Technical) training conducted by SRF
  • Job attachment to SRF approved skate school(s) or activities for at least 15 hours within 3 month
    • Able to teach introductory lessons without supervision
    • Able to handle groups of students
    • Able to assist senior coach in advanced lessons


  • Attainment of BASIC SPORTS SCIENCE Certificate conducted by SPORTS SINGAPORE
  • Must have a valid Standard First Aid Cert with AED/CPR* 


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