Rollersports New Excutive Committee

Dear Skaters,
The Executive Committee led by Mr Felix Yeo stepped down after completing its term of office on 24.05.2008.

At an EOGM held on 24.05.2008, at the Conference Room of Tampines East CC, a new committee was elected.

Their names and positions are :-

Khor Wee Siong, President
Maxim Glazov, Vice President
Charles Yee, Vice President
Rick Goh, Vice President
Frank Tan, Vice Presdent
Joyce Tan, Secretary
Joanna Goy, Assistant Secretary
Chua Choon Chee, Treasurer
Erica Phua, Assistant Treasurer.

I'll would like to thank the retiring committee members for their service and wish them the best in their future endeavours.

Khor Wee Siong
Rollersports Singapore

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