International Freestyle Competition

To All Skaters, Participants, Event Organizer, Sponsors of IFC and Members of RS 

RS has noted that the IFC organized in November 2006 has been announced in such a way that it could be interpreted as a National Endorsed Competition.We would like you to know that the event was not endorsed by RS or SSC and that the claim that skaters “… turned up for the National Qualifiers…â€Â is misleading. The event titles where the term National was used to describe the divisions eg  National Freestyle Slalom (Men) etc is also misleading. The IFC is not a National Qualifier nor are the divisions in anyway National Divisions. Winners of the divisions are IFC winners not National winners. 

RS will take the necessary punitive measures to ensure that its members comply with its constitution as the National Body for the sport as spelt out in paragraph 8.1 of RS Constitution.

The organizer of IFC in the person of Mr. Barry Hanson has been duly informed and has disputed and ignored requests to amend the inference.

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