Inline Freestyle

In this discipline, skaters have the freedom to express their individual styles. There are currently 4 categories in Inline Freestyle
  • Freestyle Classic Slalom

    Skaters put together a routine that combines both technical and artistic skills. The routine is performed in equally spaced cones and skaters are judged for their flair as well as the difficulty of tricks.
  • Freestyle Slide

    Created by our own Singaporean skaters, this category is an adrenaline packed test to one’s courage and grit. Simply put, this category is all about drifting on skates. Skaters are judged on the distance, difficulty and execution of the slide.
  • Speed Slalom

    This category is all about speed and consistency. The goal: to whizz through a lane of 20 cones while keeping kicked/missed cones to a minimum in the fastest timing possible. To excel, skaters have to perfect every step and have full control of their body movements to execute each run smoothly.
  • Battle Slalom

    A showcase of strength and flexibility, skaters are given 30 seconds to perform their best tricks and will be judged by the difficulty and number of repetitions for the trick.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Where to slalom/slide?

    All you need is a flat open surface, a set of cones, measuring tape, a marker and you are ready to slalom! For slide, all you need is a flat open surface!
    Popular places to watch skaters slalom/slide are:
    The skating rink at East Coast Park
    Underpass at the Esplanade
    Tertiary School Skate Clubs
    - NUS Skate Club (@nusskating)
    - NTU Skate Club (@ntuskateclub)
    - SMU Skate Club (@smuxskating)
    - SIT Skate Club (@sit.inlineskate)
    - Singapore Polytechnic Skate Club (spskateclub)
    - Ngee Ann Polytechnic Skate Club (@np_inline)
    - Temasek Polytechnic Skate Club (@tpskateclub)
    - ITE Central Skate Club (@iteccskateclub)

    What are the measurements for cones in slalom?

    There are 3 types of measurements used in Classic and Battle Slalom. 0.5m, 0.8m and 1.2m. These measurements are the distances to leave in-between cones. The lanes should be 2m apart from one another. For Speed Slalom, only the 0.8m measurements are used.
For more information, visit this website for official competition rules and layouts. worldskate.org/inline-freestyle

Inline Speed Skating

The rollersport of race, inline speed skating is most often performed on inline skates or speed skates. The setup typically involves a long wheel base starting from 260mm on low cut skates.
In competitions, there are two types of races, track and road. For track, there are 5 categories. 200m Dual Time Trial, 500m Sprint, 1000m Sprint, 10000 points and elimination race. For road, there 4 categories. 100m sprint, 1 lap sprint, 10000m points race and 15000m elimination race marathon.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Where can I Speed Skate?

    Popular places for speed skaters include:
    - East Coast Park
    - Jurong West Stadium
    - 100PLUS Promenade Sports Track (National Stadium)
For more information, visit this website for official competition rules and layouts. worldskate.org/speed

Inline Aggressive

Aggressive Inline Skating or known officially as Roller Freestyle is a sport in which you must be fearless to accomplish amazing stunts and tricks.
Aggressive skating originated from Street Skating which encompasses pulling off grind tricks on street curbs, hand rails, or airing off ramps.
Vert Skating on the other hand is skating on 6 to 10 feet high U shaped ramps (Half-pipes/Vert Ramps) and feeling the rush of big airs.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Where can I do Aggressive Skating?

    Popular places include:
    - Xtreme Skate Park (located within East Coast Park)
    - Somerset Skate Park
    - Sports Hub Skate Park (Gate 14 of National Stadium)
    - Bishan Harmony Park
    - Buangkok Sports Park
    - Woodlands Skatepark

    Who may I reach out to start on Aggressive Skating?

    You may reach out to these Instagram Pages and direct message them for more info!

Inline Hockey

Inline hockey is a team sport all about speed, reflexes and skill.
All these elements make an inline hockey match very exciting to watch and will determine who emerges victorious.
The rules are similar to ice hockey. However, unlike ice hockey, body checking is not allowed.
This results in a fluid game with plenty of action on the court.
Singapore has taken part in the several FIRS World Inline Hockey Championships to date (Czech Republic 2003, Canada 2004, Spain 2007)

Frequently Asked Questions

    Where and when can I play Inline Hockey?

    Inline Hockey Matches happen every week on Mondays & Wednesdays at Our Tampines Hub Hockey Court. Trainings are on Friday evenings.
    For more information, feel free to contact Kenny at 8366 3321 or kenny@rollersports.org.sg

Skate Boarding

Originated from as early as 1950, skateboarding definitely has come a long way.
The main variations of skateboarding are freestyle, vert and street skateboarding.
Other styles include park and downhill skateboarding, as well as cruising.
Starting from just a hobby and recreational sport, skateboarding has now climbed its way to debut in 2019 SEA Games as well as 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Where can I do skateboarding?

    Skateboarders typically enjoy vert skateboarding in the same skate parks as Inline Aggressive skaters and stunt scooter users.
    Refer to Inline Aggressive above for the list of parks.
    For freestyle skateboarding, all you need will be a flat, open space.

Stunt Scooter

The most recent to the skate park scene, freestyle stunt scootering has made a name for itself and is now recognized as both extreme sports and professions.
Scooters were introduced to the world in 1996, and its popularity skyrocketed.
Soon after, extreme skaters started doing tricks with them, and the quality of scooters also elevated to withstand bigger stunts.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Where can I do stunt scootering?

    Scooter riders may be found sharing the park with Inline Aggressive skaters and skateboarders. Refer to the list of parks under Inline Aggressive.